How to create a new Proposal

This entire process is completed in the Debug Console. For each command you can run help "command" for required inputs.

From the Governance tab in the wallet, look for Next super block in the upper right corner. This will be used in the "block-start" field.

preparebudget "proposal-name" "url" payment-count block-start "bltg-address" monthy-payment

The returned result of step 1 will be a hash used in the "fee-tx" field.

submitbudget "proposal-name" "url" payment-count block-start "bltg-address" monthy-payment "fee-tx"

The result of the above command will be the hash used to vote for this proposal.

Create your details to post Proposal

<Proposal Name>

votehash = Result of Step 2

mnbudgetvote "local|many|alias" "votehash" "yes|no" ( "alias" )

The above command allows you to cast votes for proposals with various combinations.
You can cast the same vote using all of your masternodes or split the voting up for different proposals

mnbudgetvote many votehash yes/no

to cast the same vote for each MN

mnbudgetvote alias votehash yes/no alias

to cast a vote for a single MN

getbudgetinfo (optional proposal)

To show current masternode budgets