Block-Logic listed on Flits 3 masternode app

Flits 3 masternode app 📢

The safest mobile masternode solution
Block-Logic is now listed on the safest and easiest mobile masternode app. You hold your own keys, and the Flits team or nasty hackers can't access them.

✅ We are glad to announce that FlitsNode has listed Block-Logic on Flits mobile app.
✅ NOW you can host your masternodes at FlitsNode mobile app for only €1.99 a month!
✅ Check out their website to try this unique mobile experience
✅ Directly download the app

What benefits does FlitsNode offer:
🔘 No coding needed
🔘 Start a masternode with just a few clicks
🔘 Super fast and convenient
🔘 Tailored to mobile devices, an unique experience
🔘 10% monthly discount for 10+ nodes
🔘 Fees charged daily.
🔘 New features in 2020 like Qr code scanners

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